Decoil & Sheer

We offer bronx flying shear, ungerer plate line, guillotines. Our stockholding capability: 10,000 tonnes.

Bronx Flying Shear coil

Weight: Max 20.000 kilograms
Width: Max 2000mm
Min 600mm
Thickness: Max 3.20mm
Min 0.40mm
ID: 508mm
OD: 1800mm
Length: Max 4500mm
Min 600mm

Ungerer Plate Line Coil

Weight: Max 20.000 kilograms
Width: Max 1700mm
Min 600mm
Thickness: Max 12.50mm
Min 3.50mm
ID: 585mm
OD: 1830mm
Length: Max 1300mm
Min 600mm


Precision cut blanks and strips

Cincinnati Guillotines Pearson Guillotine
Max Length 3660mm 3050mm
Max Gauge 6.00mm 13.00mm

Stockholding capability

10,000 tones

Special Offers

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